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he House of Pozza was an old Ragusina noble family from the Republic of Ragusa, with origins in Dalmatia. The Emperor Leopold I, granted the title of Count and the predicate Di Zagorie on 20 September 1688 to Mateo Pozza, son of Lucian Pozza and Maria Bona. Later, during the Croatian national revival of the 19th century, most members of the family officially denounced the name "Pozza". They are considered to have been one of the most prestigious families of the Republic of Ragusa.



Helena v. Ziegler-Pucić
  • Mateo Pozza (+1708) and Maria Bona had two sons:
    • Lucijan, died 1752 who had a son Mattäus (died 1771 childless in Vienna);
    • Nikola Mateo, born 11 August 1684, died 1745, married in 1 November 1727 with Magdalena Gozze; father of three sons was, those evenly so many lines donated:
  • Mateo Nikola, born 21 June 1728, died c.1801, married Maria Magdalena Vincenca Bonda (14 April 1738) in Dubrovnik on 17 April 1768. Their sons were:

  • Lucijan v. Ziegler-Pozza, (born in Kotor on 19 March 1852 died 8 September 1930 [1] in Dubrovnik) married Ana-Marija Enriketa Lujza Countess he

  • (Caboga) on 20 June 1858, died in 1944 in Szombathely, Hungary. They were married in Dubrovnik on 10 April 1882 and had three children:
    • Helena v. Ziegler-Pozza, who was born in Pula on March 3, 1889 and died in Baden, Viena on February 2, 1968. She married Hugo Theobald Alfons Karl Maria Freiherr von Seyffertitz, (KorvKpt. i. R) who born in Brixen 23 September 1885 and died Baden, Viena 10 June 1966.
    • Teo v. Ziegler-Pozza (date of birth unknown, died in Yugoslavia on 24 November 1924) married Marica v. Kiepach-Haselburg (born in Križevci, Croatia c.1897). After the death of Teo, she moved to Los Angeles, California, and died there in 1985.
    • Marica v. Ziegler-Pozza (born in Pula, January 10, 1885 and died in Acsád, Hungary February 2, 1964) married with Charley Masjon (a Linienschiffskapitän), who was born in Graz 19 Nobvember 1871 and died 1950 Táplánszentkereszt, Hungary. They had one daughter, Winifred Masjon, who was born in Pula on June 8, 1911 and died in Keszthely. On December 14, 1998 she married László Harkay (Colonel) and lived in Hungary.
  • Lucijan Nikola (Niko),*1735 and died in 1813, married Descae Sorkočević, they had two sons:
    • Nikola Lucijan, who born 29 May 1772, died in Vienna 9 September 1855, he was last senator of the Republic of Dubrovnik, married with Helene Maria Ranjina (Ragnina) from Dubrovnik, she was a famous musician, (1786 +1865). They had two children:
  • Magdalena Pozza (date of birth and death unknown) married Šišmundo Đivo Sorgo. She received the authorization for the usage of the name with the coat of arms: "Pozza-Sorgo v. Zagorie", on December 8, 1806 by testament from her mother's line, from grandfather Marko Đivo Nobil Sorgo 1 December 1817 the ennobling and as k. k. Nobile and 28 November 1818 the k. k. aristocracy confirmation with the count conditions met.
  • Rafael (Rafo) Pozza, Dr. Jur., Mayor of Dubrovnik (was elected 5 times, in the years 1869, 1872, 1875, 1882, 1884) and elected two times into the Dalmatian Parliament, 1870, 1876, who was born 29 February 1828 and died in 4 November 1890.
  • Marina,
  • Marko *13 June 1831.
  • Magdalena *13 January 1854 who married with Nicolaus de Gradi [2] (*1825 +1894), k.k Kamemerer and tribunalrath of Kotor.
    • Marko Alojz Dominko Pozza, born 17 June 1785, died 1 January 1864, married Ana Bonda, who died October 6, 1855 in Dubrovnik. They had four children:
    • Matej Baltazar, born 17 June 1787, died unmarried.
    • Lucijan Toma Natal Maro Frano, born 16 June 1795, died unmarried. Which likewise 1 December 1817 the k. k. Ennobling and as Nobili and 28 November 1818 the k. k. Confirmation of the count conditions received. The three sons already mentioned of Matej (I.), the son Lucijans (II.) in addition and the four sons of the Nikola Ignjat received 23 May 1819 a k again. k. Confirmation of the count conditions.

Coat of Arms

Pozza v. Zagorie. Blue with two gold cotices, alongside six fleur-de-lys same, posed each one bars some, lines in bands, the ecu bordered in rhombus of mouths. Crowned helmet.
Pozza-Sorgo v. Zagorie. Left: to the 1, Blue with two gold cotices, alongside of six flower-of-read money, posed each one bars some, lines of bands (Pozza); to the 2, bandaged mouths and of Blue of eight parts (Sorkočević).

The Pozza brothers

Medo (Orsat) Pucić and Nikola "Niko" Pucić were two important figures in Croatian and Serbian politics in the 19th century; Medo fought for the unification of Dalmatia (then under direct Austrian rule) with the rest of Croatia. Niko Pucić was an important politician and Pan-Slavic nationalist.


  1. ^ T.d. VizeAdmirals i. R., Eskaderkommandant (1907-08)
  2. ^ Nikša Gradi, committed suicide in your house in Gruž, he was sick of cancer, Nikša Gradić only have four daughters, one of this married with a Marinaso members and this married with Count Dr. Joseph Cobenzl, this family live in Gruz-Gravosa house until today


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