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Ragusa Dubrovnik Nobility

This site is created for all descendants of paternal and maternal line, the patrician members of the former Republic of Ragusa.

The Ragusan Archives document exist, "Speculum Maioris Consilii Rectores", lists all the persons that were involved in the Republic's government between September 1440 to June 1860. There were 4397 rectors elected; 2764 (63%) were from "old patrician" families: Gozze, Bona, Caboga, Cerva, Gondola, Ghetaldi, Giorgi, de Gradi, de Natali, Pozza, de Saraca, Sorgo, and de Zamagna.

* in the 17th century, 50% of the dukes and senators were from the following families: Bona, Gondola, Gozze, Menze, Sorgo.
* in the 18th century, 56% of senators were from these families: Sorgo, Gozze, Zamagna, Caboga, Giorgi.
* in the last eight years of the Republic, 50% of dukes were from the Sorgo, Gozze, Gradi, Bona, Ragnina families.

Original patriciate:

* House of Bobali
* House of de Bona
* House of Bonda
* House of de Cerva
* House of Giorgi
* House of Ghetaldi
* House of Gozze
* House of Gondola
* House of de Gradi
* House of Caboga
* House of Menče
* House of Lucari
* House of Pozza
* House of de Saraca
* House of Tudisi
* House of Sorgo
* House of de Zamagna

Families that joined the patriciate after the earthquake of 1667:

* House of Bosdari
* House of Bucchia
* House of Natali
* House of Pauli
* House of Ragnina
* House of Resti
* House of Zlatarić

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